Just natural healing.

Welcome to Guiones!
Ready to relax or surf, practice yoga or admire nature? this his the place. All of it and more.
We create this little place to enrich your experience, so you can surf harder or feel more flexible and light , put yourself in a deep state of calm and feel more connected with life.
How? well, i have an artist background that makes me put more attention in the details, i believe the sessions need the best quality in products used, that's why i stay with coconut oil, yes, the best one, just cold press locally made.
And about the aromas? i'm very exigent (i can love or almost the opposite just for how smell something or someone!) so i look for natural essential oils, therapeutic for tradition, and it's all we use.
I love music and i choose every track we play. For your experience, relaxing, yes, but also eclectic.
The sheets we use have a nice texture, the AC its for your confort!! PLEASE! TELL US IF IS THE RIGHT TEMPERATURE.
And the most important: a warm, therapeutic, dedicated touch.
What you need is the most important for us.
We know some will need rest for a fun day playing with waves, some will need just forget about daily stress.
Every session it's different  and unique like you.
Hope to see you during your visit!
In name of our team we thank you for choosing us.
Juan Carlos Saldana.

Since 2009.

Our reputation is in our hands.

Open daily* from 9AM to 6PM*
(We attend on Sunday just with previous appointment.)
We attend late afternoon  appointments (6-7pm) if you set it in advance.

(506) 2682-5107
(506) 2682-4039

Next to the Frog Pad at Villa Tortuga
Playa Guiones, Nosara.

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